Patient Testimonials

"Great Energy"- "Dr. Christina loves her work, and you can feel the serenity the moment you walk into her office. Her radiant inner energy translates into a powerful healing force. Combined with a sense of service missing in so many professionals, Dr. Solov rates 5 stars out of 5 across the board for an incredible experience. Sha has healed me, and is now working on my daughter. No matter what mood I am in when I arrive, I leave with a smile, feeling content."

~Eric E.

"Great Care and Service"- "I began seeing Dr. Christina Solov after a car injury. From the very beginning she took extremely good care of my body, consistently applied proper treatment measures, and contacted the insurance companies on my behalf. I never had any concerns whether I would recover. She made certain that my treatment was the very best. I recommend Dr. Christina Solov to anyone interested in chiropractic care. She is patient, caring, and thorough. I have used chiropractic care all of my adult life; of all of the physicians I have used in the past, she is the most knowledgable, well-rounded, and likable doctor I have had the pleasure to meet."

~Kelly F.

"Great Care"- "I had many years of chiropractic care, but not until I was treated by Dr. Solov did I really know how great chiropractic care can be, and I got the relief that I so wanted. I feel very fortunate having such a caring and knowledgeable chiropractor who has helped me to live without pain. All those I have referred to see Dr. Solov cannot thank me enough; they have had great results, and they are referring their friends and family members as well."

~Natalie A.